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Sharing your comprehensive product catalog made easy

WeChat Mini Programs are “sub-apps” within the WeChat ecosystem. Just like regular apps, Mini Programs can be anything: a game, a shop, a travel guide, etc. The big advance of a Mini Program is that the app can be easily shared within WeChat.

For our Italian B2B client Urbinati, active in the horticulture industry, we developed a product portfolio Mini Program. With this Mini Program, we allowed the company’s Chinese sales staff to show and share demos of its latest products.

Each product can now be shared within WeChat with leads and other stakeholders in just one click. This greatly optimizes the sales process!

Optimal Chinese online presence

With this customized WeChat Mini Program Urbinati is able to present itself in an excellent way to its Chinese target clients. Online as well as offline, as you can imagine how useful the Mini Program can be during trade fairs!

The company’s product offering can now be shared in the Chinese language in great detail, as we integrated images, product descriptions, technical information as well as videos with Chinese subtitles.

As a result, Urbinati is now able to fully leverage China’s super app as a successful branding, promotion, and sales tool and further accelerate its growth in the Chinese market!

Smooth integration with the WeChat Official Account

We linked the Mini Program to Urbinati’s WeChat Official Account, allowing existing and new followers to easily access the product catalog.

Of course, both the Official Account and Mini Program’s look and feel are totally aligned with Urbinati’s corporate identity.

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