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Our Services

As a full-service agency we can support your brand with any question related to ‘China’ and ‘digital’. Below you can learn more about the different service options that we offer.

Online Marketing

We know exactly how to build-up a strong (social media) presence on China’s key and niche platforms, which allows you to engage with your customers and strengthen your brand positioning.

Branding & Design

Discover how our designers help your brand to stand out from the competition and develop campaigns that resonate with your target audience.


Interested in selling your product to Chinese consumers? We have supported all sorts of companies in setting-up their cross-border e-commerce stores and know by experience what works and what does not.

Research & Strategy

We know how to develop a successful and sustainable long-term China strategy. Via solid research we provide your team with the right data insights to identify key drivers of growth.

Alipay Marketing

As Official Marketing Partner of Alipay in Europe we can help you promote your location in the Alipay App to get more Chinese customers.


A PR, Design & Marketing package to create effective online visibility in China and Europe
The creative industry in Europe is eager to enter the Chinese market, but are faced with the complexity of this vast country. And although Chinese endeavours in Europe are increasing, Chinese brands are also confronted with various problems in order to be successful in Europe. In both cases, the cultural differences are huge.
With Europe Nearby and China Nearby, NextportChina (Online Marketing) partnered with the China Connector (PR) and TIN (Brand Design) to overcome these differences. We offer an accessible package in which we enable cultural entrepreneurs to make a strong landing of their brand in both China and Europe.
Together, we will create a matching (digital) strategy, brand it, create online content and implement it on (social) media. Joined forces reinforcing you!