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RED (Xiaohongshu)

Starting from a niche community for beauty and fashion, this platform is rapidly growing into one of the most popular social communities as well as e-commerce platforms. Its monthly active user has exceeded 100 million, 90% of whom is women and 70% of whom is under 35 years old. This is the best place to share or know about user experience with commercial products.


Seeding is the key topic of the RED, which makes it the best place for B2C brands to expand their business into the Chinese market. Collaborating with KOLs can be a great way to build your brand and start selling via cross-border social commerce.

What We Can Offer

Official Account Set-up

RED is a perfect platform for brands who just enter the Chinese market. However, account registration might be a hurdle for them. We can help you register an account and get it verified.

Account Operation & Content Creation

Localization is one of the keys to success in the Chinese market. We know the best about the “tonality” of RED. We can provide professional advice on your content strategy, and help you have the most suitable content for your target audience.

KOL/Influencer Campaign

KOL/influencer promotion is an essential part of enhancing brand awareness on RED. We are able to select the most suitable influencers according to your brand, product, and budget.


RED is not only a social media but also a rising e-commerce platform, especially for beauty and lifestyle products. We can help you set up and decorate your e-shop on RED. Our TP partners can provide high-quality shop operation and management services for you.

Performance Reporting

We believe every marketing decision should be based on a well-rounded analysis of the market and your brand. We can regularly provide performance reports for your official account, conduct competitor analysis, and share our insightful opinions.

Our Work

Baton Rouge KOL Campaign

German guitar brand Baton Rouge collaborated with KOLs on Chinese social media platforms.


To support the Dutch tourism sector during Covid-19 our agency initiated a Chinese live-stream series

Kasteel De Haar

To support the Dutch tourism sector during these difficult times our agency initiated a Chinese live-stream series.

Curious about

what we can do for your company?

Curious about

what we can do for your company?