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When people ask us what kind of platform Sina Weibo is, we always tell them that it best can be compared to Twitter – but then ‘on steroids’. Weibo offers brands an unbelievable variety of options to improve brand awareness and connect with potential customers.

By setting-up your (Overseas) Weibo Official Account you will be able to introduce your brand to a large audience. The build-in Weibo FST advertising functions allow you to target very specific groups of existing and potential customers and collect valuable insights about their habits and preferences.

Weibo is also a great platform to team-up with the rights KOLs and KOCs. Our Weibo experts know exactly how to grow your brand on this powerful platform!

What We Can Offer

(Overseas) Official Account Registration & Verification

Account Set-up & Design

Account Operation & Content creation

Performance Reporting

24/7 customer service

Weibo FST advertising

KOL/Influencer development & execution

SCRM set-up and operation

Our Works

Schiphol Weibo

Schiphol targets and services Chinese tourists via China’s social media platform Weibo

Batavia Stad

Batavia Stad increases brand awareness among Chinese travellers

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