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With 600 million monthly active users, Weibo is the mainstay in Chinese social media. Its diverse content and its unique “trending topics” list boost viral interactions. Weibo offers brands an unbelievable variety of options to improve brand awareness and connect with potential customers.


By setting up your (Overseas) Weibo Official Account you will be able to introduce your brand to a large audience. The built-in Weibo FST advertising functions allow you to target particular groups of existing and potential customers and collect valuable insights about their habits and preferences. Weibo is also a great platform to team up with the rights KOLs and KOCs. Our Weibo experts know exactly how to grow your brand on this powerful platform.

What We Can Offer

Official Account Set-up

Weibo offer verified official accounts to brands, public figures, celebrities, and influencers. The verification process might be a hurdle for overseas companies. We can help you register an account and get it verified.

Account Operation & Content Creation

Localization is the key to success in the Chinese market. We can provide professional advice on your content strategy, and help you have the most suitable content with the right tone for your target audience.

KOL/Influencer Campaign

KOLs/influencers from various areas are active on Weibo. If you want to promote your brands, collaborating with them sometimes can be an efficient approach. We can select the most suitable ones for you, and also execute and monitor the whole campaign.

Weibo FST Advertising

RED is not only a social media but also a rising e-commerce platform, especially for beauty and lifestyle products. We can help you set up and decorate your e-shop on RED. Our TP partners can provide high-quality shop operation and management services for you.

Performance Reporting

We believe every marketing decision should be based on a well-rounded analysis of the market and your brand. We can regularly provide performance reports for your official account, conduct competitor analysis, and share our insightful opinions.

Our Work

De Bijenkorf

The Bijenkorf promotes Dutch brands in China via creative video campaign

Schipol Airport

Schiphol targets and services Chinese tourists via China’s social media platform Weibo

Xiaomo & Ahou

Our promotion of 15 Dutch destinations together with Chinese influencer couple Xiaomo & Ahou (小墨与阿猴) reached 1.5 million Chinese!

Curious about

what we can do for your company?

Curious about

what we can do for your company?