Damrak 37, 1012 LK, Amsterdam

The objective

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, GASSAN Diamonds, the well-known Amsterdam-based jewelry company wanted to surprise its Chinese clientele.

In normal times GASSAN has many Chinese travelers visiting its numerous boutique stores. However, due to Covid-19 these people, unfortunately, were not able to visit the Netherlands. In fact, during the Chinese New Year period, all GASSAN stores were closed due to the coronavirus.

To still engage with its Chinese customers during this important festive period, we supported GASSAN with a campaign aiming to reach its local Chinese clientele living in the Netherlands.

The key objectives of this campaign were:

  • Strengthen brand awareness among this target group via a positive campaign.
  • Generate qualitative new leads and conversions in GASSAN’s e-commerce store.
The campaign

To achieve these goals we developed a GASSAN Chinese New Year AR filter game on Instagram.

We selected Instagram as our key platform, as the majority of Chinese people living in the Netherlands actively use this channel.

In this game, we combined the festive elements of red envelopes and gifts of the Chinese New Year, with the latest trend on Instagram: Augmented Reality (AR) filters.

AR filters quickly have become a viral engine to reach and attract (young) audiences. They are computer-generated effects and layers which you can place over your photo or video.

We developed a custom-made AR filter for GASSAN using Spark AR Studio.


By using our playful and fun AR filter, people could win a red envelope which would give them access to a great selection of GASSAN jewellery products which were offered at special CNY prices. Below and overview of the campaign flow:

The result

The campaign successfully reached over 15k local Chinese living in the Netherlands, of which many played the filter game on Instagram, collected their red envelopes, and converted them to the GASSAN e-commerce shop.

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Curious about what we can do
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