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WeChat Mini Program Stores

Selling to China has never been seen so easy! Since the Chinese consumer is increasingly interested to buy foreign brands and special products there is a huge opportunity for exporters to sell online to China. When having a WeChat Mini Program Store selling can be done without having a Chinese entity and in a very cost effective, simple way.

There are all types of Mini Programs, such as for travel, games and commerce (Stores).
Mini programs Stores function as a sub-apps within WeChat and run instantly without downloading separately. The Mini Programs store is linked to a companies’ WeChat Official Account (OA) and allows businesses to sell on WeChat directly to consumers, using WeChat Pay as the payment mechanism. Mini Programs can be inserted into articles published by OAs, and can also be shared with friends.

First step is to set-up a WeChat Mini Program Store. We can design the store with the right content and assist with the customer service and promote the store to your Chinese customers.

Why WeChat Mini Program Stores?

What is a Mini Program Store and what is the WeChat Eco-system


WeChat Mini Program Stores can be set-up and operated at much lower costs incomparable to selling through marketplaces, like Tmall Global or


WeChat Mini Program Stores provide brands with more control over their e-commerce store design and data, and give them the power to drive traffic through WeChat and its social network.


WeChat Mini Program Stores offer a convenient, accessible, and appealing service for users as they don’t need to download a separate app.

Our Works

Sunny Cord

Dutch-Australian brand sells through WeChat Mini-Program Stores

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